What is ivaasks?

The purpose of this project is for Iva to do what she loves on a daily basis…Indeed, there are many, many things she loves but a few of them make her particularly happy:

1. travelling, discovering and getting lost

2. filming, documenting and assembling stories

3. talking to strangers and peeking into their lives

She found that in doing this, she is able to better understand her fellow humanoids and their universe…in turn, her earthly experience became a more joyful one.

And so IVA wonders, from place to place, purposely bumps into random beings she finds along the way and then ASKS each casualty: how was your day?

From this simple approach, a world of possibilities and discussions open up. Some encounters are longer than others but each is somewhat illuminating. It’s her hope you too will discover something special in them.

With that in mind, please enjoy…