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Gaāda { togetherness } 

Run time: 20 min


Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 12.13.07 PM.png

Gaada translates as “togetherness” in Arabic. It is precisely this togetherness that guides and designs a road trip across Algeria. Upon arrival to Algiers the filmmaker meets Dalel Ziour, an Algerian artist and fellow traveler  - together they set on a search to collect stories about contentment. Their research focuses specifically on middle aged men and leads them from Algiers to the desert, and the towns of Ghardaia, Timimoun and Taghit. The collected stories coalesce into one of ten segments of a feature film called Aleph. Gaada is a film detailing that process - it describes the road trip, the research, the casting, and decision making behind the making of Aleph. It celebrates togetherness as a way of being and making.

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